what you think is good for your skin, may actually have the opposite effect. while something may benefit you for a short period of time, it can actually be damaging later on. here are some things you should do (or continue doing) and things you shouldn’t do.


  • always protect your skin from the sun, even when you don’t think it’s there. long term exposure can lead to premature wrinkles, sun spots and in the worst of cases, skin cancer. use a broad spectrum sunscreen (one that protects against both uva and uvb rays) with an spf of at least 15. this foundation by mac cosmetics, has built in spf and is easily integrated into your everyday makeup routine. 
  • baby your skin. avoid taking hour long showers with the water turned up until it covers your mirror. extremely hot baths and showers remove the oils from your skin, thus leading to it drying out. always apply proper shaving cream/soap before you shave to avoid damage. ensure that you don’t use harsh soaps that are meant for your body, on your face. avoid heavily scented soaps. always pat your skin dry and avoid rubbing it heavily. 
  • healthy diet + water = happy skin. drink your eight glasses a day and if you do notice your skin is suffering, consider evaluating what you’re eating. fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins are what you should aim for. although there is no real link between unhealthy skin (acne) and a diet, it is suggested that diets low in bad fats, and processed carbohydrates can promote younger, healthier looking skin.


  • it’s understandable that cosmetics are expensive, but using makeup for too long can lead to unhealthy skin and in some cases, infection. in the case of mascara, the brush you put near your eye, then back in the tube sits there, grows bacteria/fungi until you use it again. beautyalert makes handly labels for products so that you can easily keep track of your makeup and it’s expiry date. no one wants skin irritation, hair loss and hyper sensitivity! 
  • using dirty makeup brushes can lead to acne and flare ups. it’s recommended that you wash your makeup brushes every three weeks. you can purchase makeup brush cleansers at almost any makeup or drug store, but if you don’t feel like using them, you can use a mild shampoo (a baby shampoo or nonscented one will work). lather the brush in your hand and lay them flat to dry. 
  • over ex foliating or not cleaning at all. your makeup should be washed off every night before you go to sleep, including your mascara (um nobody wants to lose their eyelashes!). over ex foliating can lead to excess oil production and worsen breakouts. while you think you’re doing your skin good, you’re actually creating a haven for bacteria. ex foliation should only be done two to three times per week. avoid using a chemical product and try to stick to something natural. try lush cosmetics ocean salt (a personal favourite). 

I thought this was a fairly well-written post. I plan to make my own with even more soon!

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Train like you are going to be a contestant in the Hunger Games.


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